Yuman Spirit Ritual

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  • Connect with your higher self
  • Expand your spiritual awareness
  • Raise your vibration

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If you’re looking to connect with your higher self or expand your spiritual awareness, working with selenite is a great way to do it. You can use selenite in meditation, carry it with you during the day, or place it in your home or office to create a space that is conducive to spiritual growth.

Spirit ritual

  • Light your Palo Santo or Sage Stick and sit down comfortable.
  • Breath in deeply and exhale slowly.
  • Hold the crystal i your hand.
  • Sit quietly for 10-15 minutes and focus on one of the following affirmations:

I am a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of me.

I see beyond the boundaries of this world into the spiritual realm with ease.

The whole Universe conspires for my benefit.

  • Write down the affirmation on a paper.
  • Do this everyday for 30 days and feel the power of your affirmations manifest into your life.


  • 1 Raw Selenite crystal
  • 1 st Palo Santo stick
  • 1 White Sage
  • Ritual instructions
  • Bag for the crystal


Selenite is a stone that is often associated with spirituality and meditation. This is because selenite has a very high vibration, which can help to raise your own vibration and bring you into a higher state of consciousness. Selenite can also help to clear and cleanse your energy field, getting rid of any negative or stagnant energy that might be holding you back.

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