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Amethyst – The stone of healing

One of the most popular crystals today and a favorite among healers and wellness practitioners. The amethyst crystal has been around for centuries and has been used for […]

Why slowing down before your vacation is so important

Summer vacation is coming up and although we are all looking forward to some rest and relaxation, the pressure of “trying too hard” to calm down can have […]

Palo Santo – The Holy wood

In the deep and impenetrable woods of South America is where the sweet and distinct incense of Palo Santo can be found. In the shape of hardwood sticks, […]

5 self-care-tips inför sommaren

Sommaren och semestern närmar snabbt sig och det kan lätt bli stressigt med alla aktiviteter och platser som ska besökas. För att ge dig en extra boost mindfulness […]

Designing Beautiful Yoga Mats

Why come up with the idea of designing your own yoga mats? Are there not enough yoga mats already? We didn’t think so and decided on designing our […]

Meditation after workout -It completely blew my mind!

Consider what a calm mind after a workout may do for you, and especially Meditation after workout. For me, today, it made me think about all of the […]

Why do you need a Super Grip Yoga Mat?

A Super Grip Yoga Mat? Well why not?! 🙂 When talking about a Super Grip Yoga Mat it is something that can be argued how necessary it is. […]

Environment First Yoga Mats – And why most claims on free of chemicals mats are false

Ever wondered what substances actually are in your Yoga Mat? Environment First Yoga Mats? And how important are sustainable products for you and for your Yogies? When we […]

What makes YUMAN as a brand different?

“Why are there no real beautiful Yoga Mats and Yoga Gear out there?” That used to be my most pressing question. But let me introduce a Yoga-brand with […]

Hur kommer det gå för Emma i SVTs Mästarnas Mästare?

“Vad tycker du?” För knappt ett år sedan kom Emma glatt till mig och sa: “Jag har fått frågan att vara med i Mästarnas Mästare. Hur tycker du […]