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The Yuman Story

Providing a new generation of yogis with the tools and inspiration for finding balance.

We at Yuman envision a balanced and sustainable world. Where you as a human being have found a balance between your primal roots and the digital world that you live in.

Today you’re always connected. Just a swipe away from the next fix of digital bliss. You’re a slave under algorithms and validation. Addicted to information och more and more stimulation.

We have forgotten the old ways of living. How we used to move. How our minds used to operate. The balance between mind, body and nature.

And in order to find just that you need to start with yourself. To train and tame the mind and body in a sustainable way without hurting the planet. To disconnect to reconnect with yourself.

We are not claiming to have the total solution. But we feel that we can play our part by providing you with the right tools and inspiring stories. We want to take you on a journey to help you discover your inner balance. A state where you feel great emotionally, physically and spiritually. No matter of age, background or your situation in life.

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