Yuman Yoga Mat Origin Clay & Blocks

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  • Super grip
  • Natural rubber
  • Sustainable & no PVC

Yuman Yoga Mat Origin 4mm Gold, Clay + Giftpack

  • Super grip
  • Natural rubber
  • Sustainable
  • No PVC

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Yuman Yoga Block Cork × 2

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Yuman Yoga Mat Origin is the result of our research and design in the pursuit of the perfect yoga mat.

Combine our Yogi Top Pick Yoga Mat together with two Yoga Blocks in real high quality cork for a great combination.

Scandinavian design

No need to hide your mat anymore. The Origin Mats are a tribute to the minimal Scandinavian design. Faded and earthy tones inspired by the surroundings of the north.

Anti-slip coating

Embrace your sweat. Our anti-slip surface eliminates the slip and stick that’s caused by sweat, heat, and friction. So that you can focus on your downward dog.

Responsible production

Our suppliers work with strict quality controls, meet applicable certifications, and have signed our code of conduct regarding sustainable and responsible production.

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Yuman Yoga Mat Origin 4mm Gold, Clay + Giftpack

Weight3,5 kg
Dimensions72 × 15 × 17 cm

Yuman Yoga Block Cork

Weight0,8 kg


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