Yuman Crystal Black Obsidian


  • Increases your intuition
  • Dissolves blockages
  • Soothing and energizing

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Boost your energy and strengthen your presence. A stone that is said to help you focus on the right things and is popular for manifestation.

The black obsidian is said to have been used in magic long ago. It is very calming and protective, said to be great when going through difficult life changes. Helps you stay balanced and focused to achieve your goals.

Obsidian is a rock formed from lava that has solidified so quickly that a crystalline structure has not yet formed. The substance therefore has an amorphous structure and is not a mineral; it is usually dark green, dark brown or black. It has been found in many places including Yellowstone National Park, Mexico, Hungary and Greece. It was used way back in the Stone Age to make weapons and tools.

Chakras: Base chakra, solar plexus


  • 1pcs Black Obsidian
  • Small bag


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