Yuman Dalmatian Stone


  • Personal development
  • Helps you align your thoughts
  • Keeps your emotions balanced

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A stone that is said to purify your energy field and transform negative energy to positive. Great for personal development and helps to balance your positive and negative qualities.

Dalmatian or Dalmatian Jasper is the stone for you who over-analyze and need to calm their emotions and restore your inner balance. It is good for your personal development and to help keep a balance between all your qualities, positive as well as negative. Sort out your thoughts and keep your focus in check with your own Dalmatian stone.

Dalmatian stone is a type of jasper that is made of micro-grained quartz, chalcedony and other minerals. The name comes from the Greek language and means dotted stone. It comes in all shades, mostly striped or speckled.


Base, Solar Plexus.


  • 1pcs Dalmatian stone
  • 1pcs Bag


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