Yuman Crystal Pyrite


  • Grounding and protective
  • Strengthens self-confidence
  • Increases success and brings luck

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Pyrite is known as a lucky stone. Is a strong protective stone that shields negative energies and is also said to attract money and success.

Pyrite protects you against dangers and manipulation. It represents the spectrum of mother earth and is said to be grounding and a cure for stress. When you need to manifest calm and grounding within yourself to create balance in your everyday life, keep your pyrite close to you.

Pyrite, also known as cat’s gold, is a naturally occurring iron disulphide mineral. The name comes from the Greek word pyr meaning fire because pyrite emits sparks when struck by metal but also because pyrite has been found in historical burial mounds suggesting that they were used as a means to produce fire. Pyrite occurs in large deposits in contact metamorphic rocks, can be found in Italy, China, Russia and Peru.

Chakra: Solar Plexus


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