Yuman Crystal Selenite


  • Purifies energies and aura.
  • Helps you with communication and guidance.
  • Strengthens a higher consciousness.

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A calming stone that can help you communicate with your higher self. Protects you from energy thieves and clears away bad energy. Great stone to meditate with.

Selenite is associated with protective and purifying energy. It lends itself well to meditation and provides access to great insights through stillness and calm. Selenite also has the ability to remove stagnant and negative energy in our energy fields in a cleansing process. Use it when meditating or in a
ritual before sleep to wake up with a sense of purity and clarity.

Selenite is a mineral consisting of a transparent form of gypsum and calcium sulphate. Selenite has also been called “Mary’s glass” because thin sheets of the mineral were used instead of glass in such things as oven doors, for certain types of windows and icons depicting the Virgin Mary. Selenite has been known since the ancient Roman civilization and the name is due to its white light that resembles the light of the moon. Selene is also the name of the goddess of the moon to the Greeks.

Chakra: Third eye, head


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