Yuman Crystal Rainbow flourite


  • Provides harmony and healing
  • Balances the aura
  • Boosts positive energy

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Want to think more clearly, have focus and increase creativity? Then Rainbow Fluorite is a gem for you. It is said to bring inspiration, increase productivity and a balanced calm and clear mind. 

Fluorite is considered a favorite crystal for helping with clear thinking, focus and creativity. A gem for inspiration to increase productivity while keeping a balanced calm and clear head. Its swirling bands of blue, purple and green give you a calming effect on both mind and body. To work with your fluorite just like any other crystal, program it with intention and fill it with energy. Then you’ll be reminded of your goals every time you hold it close.

Fluorite is a mineral containing calcium fluoride that can be found in Mexico, China and Mongolia. The color varies between green, violet, yellow and blue. People have been working with this amazing stone for centuries. (It is even rumored to have been called the “Philosopher’s Stone” by medieval alchemists).

Chakra: Heart


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