Yuman Crystal Snow Quartz


  • Brings luck and good fortune
  • Creates harmony
  • Hormone balancing

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Attract happiness and success in your projects or everyday life. If you have a difficult period in your life, create calm and harmony with the lovely and calming energy of snow quartz.

Snow quartz is said to be a stone that can attract good luck and fortune, you may be studying or running your own business, snow quartz can help you implement and complete your goals or projects and has a wonderful calming energy.

Snow quartz is usually discovered as a by-product, mining other minerals such as gold. Snow quartz is associated with luck and good fortune because it is found near gold. It can be found in several different countries such as Brazil, Madagascar and the United States. Long ago, Native Americans believed that it had special healing powers and a connection to the snow moon, so it was very worshipped and sacred to them.

Chakra: All


  • 1pcs Snow Quartz crystal
  • 1 crystal bag

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