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Poor sleep or trouble focusing? Or do you have a friend who needs an extra energy boost? Yuman Yoga is now launching our own rituals to give you inspiration and the tools to change.

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      Winter purification ritual, White Salvia smudge & amp; Palo Santo A package with our wonderful White Salvia bundles and Palo Santo incense. For a wonderful morning routine or a cleansing ritual. Yuman Palo Santo Incense Palo Santo is Spanish for “holy wood” and is one of nature’s fantastic tools for…

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      • Boosts creativity
      • Better sleep
      • Easier to remember your dreams
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      • Boosts your energy levels
      • Increases your creativity
      • Transforms bad energy into positive
    • 35,00
      • Gain more focus
      • Stop procrastinating
      • Get things done!


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      • Boosts your confidence
      • Feel more grounded
      • Reduces anxiety
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      Yuman Heal Ritual with Ametyst raw crystal is perfect for anyone looking to add a little bit of extra healing energy into their life. This purple stone is known for its ability to help heal physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. It is also said to be helpful in promoting relaxation…

    • 35,00

      Surprise someone you love very much with our Love Ritual or use it to increase your self love. This kit each contains a Rose Quartz Crystal, a Palo Santo incense and a white sage stick. Take time with your stones and fill them with your intentions. Then keep the stones…

    • 35,00
      • Connect with your higher self
      • Expand your spiritual awareness
      • Raise your vibration