Yuman Amethyst Bracelet


  • Helps you open up to spirituality.
  • Provides healing of both body and soul.
  • Creates a protective atmosphere.

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Unique and stylish bracelet in Amethyst Crystals. Used for healing and to boost your spirituality. Wearing it is said to transform bad energy into positive.

Amethyst is a healing and spiritual crystal with soothing energies used for healing the body and soul. Creates a harmonious and protective atmosphere, enhances spirituality and transforms bad energy into positive.

Amethyst is a crystal that is scattered all over the world but is found mainly in Brazil and southern Germany. The name Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek, in the past it was believed that Amethyst protected the wearer from getting drunk because of the Gregorian name which means “impetuous” Today it is more known for being very spiritual and a strong protective stone.

Chakra: Third eye, crown


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