Why slowing down before your vacation is so important

Summer vacation is coming up and although we are all looking forward to some rest and relaxation, the pressure of “trying too hard” to calm down can have the opposite effect!

Yuman Origin Yoga Mat, Sand

Calm down. Then calm down!

I bet you recognize the feeling. The last days of working before a well-deserved holiday, your friends and family’s request for long-awaited activities. The in-laws want to visit. The lawn must be mowed!

You think to yourself, how can my time off feel this stressful? I just want to depressurize and not be exhausted first.

The problem with relaxation a lot of the time is trying to find a purpose with it. In other words, the mind tends to go into “work mode” to justify the great reward of just letting go.

We all need to, and the first few days of a non-working holiday are key to setting the pace and mindset for the whole summer.

I often found myself bounding home to start packing my bags for the very first activity the very next day and suffering in the process. If there was just something that could change my mindset and bring me into a state of not caring as much, not trying to perform!

Then, Yoga and meditation came into my life. Which in all fairness, you always have time to do!

Last summer I started with my yoga principle

Nothing extravagant, nothing over the top. I just went home, got changed, and did some sun salutations and downward-facing dogs followed by 5 minutes of Shavasana. Boom, my mind was clear. I still needed to do everything on my vacation to-do list but somehow it wasn’t a problem anymore, there was time and no issue to prioritize what needed to be done first. Now, one year later it’s not just a vacation yoga principle, it’s every my every weekend principle.

I think I just needed a tool, a way to break the habit of trying to perform. Since that is what we are used to doing at work and on weekday evenings at home.
A great thing about Yoga is that you need so little of it to get an effect, and with good gear, it makes the practice pleasant. Your mat is your space, on it there are no to-do lists, no lawn, and no in-laws.

For me, Yoga is the gateway to a nonperforming mode, which is the mode we need more of and in truth the whole point of relaxing.

/Kaspar Hannerz, Co-founder

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