Why do you need a Super Grip Yoga Mat?

Why a Super Grip Yoga Mat? Well why not?! 🙂

When talking about a Super Grip Yoga Mat it is something that can be argued how necessary it is. Do you really need it or is it just a gimmick? I have also heard people talking about super grip as “cheating” because you don’t have to work as hard to hold certain positions. (The person saying it to me was ironic, though)

Yuman Yoga Origin, Sand. A Super Grip Yoga Mat

Caring about what others think

I guess the mat can be seen as a working tool. You can use it to more easily do your yoga practise, but can also do it without. There are so many opinions about different props, what to use and not to use. However in the end none of the opinions of others are actually important. Because the beautiful thing with Yoga is that the only thing that matters is what You think and how You like to do your Yoga. Everything else is irrelevant. And to me the path of other people’s thoughts less and less influencing how I feel is probably the greatest gain of all in my journey.

A working tool

Personally, I like to see my Yoga Mat as “a tool”. A tool in my mind is something you use to make the experience more effective, enjoyable or just making things easier. It can be compared to working with a good screwdriver or a great knife while cooking. A good tool usually enhances the experience over the less quality ones.

My state of mind

In my case I like the “super grip” Yoga Mat because it makes me more comfortable performing all types of positions. I’m quite tall and a bit heavy and the grip allows me to stay in a position more easily, and provides peace of mind that I will not slip. When I’m on the mat I know I’ll stay there and the mat itself will stay in its position relative to the ground. 

It also rolls out really neat and stays flat on the ground without any edges peeking upwards or downwards. And to me it makes a difference that the quality feels nice and the color of the Yoga Mat puts me in a relaxed state. I like it when it looks really good. 


  • There are a lot of opinions on which yoga mat to use, but the only thing that matters is what works for You!
  • I see my Yoga Mat as my “working tool”. A better tool enhances my experience.
  • To me the super grip gives me a sense of comfort that I won’t slip and can do the poses I like.


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Quality Yoga Gear

At Yuman Yoga we go after really good and high quality yoga gear. Not because it is necessary to have, but because we like it ourselves. Design, the quality of the materials, a sustainable production and good price has been important to us when choosing our products.

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