Designing Beautiful Yoga Mats

Why come up with the idea of designing your own yoga mats? Are there not enough yoga mats already? We didn’t think so and decided on designing our own beautiful yoga mats.  

Reasons for designing your own yoga mats

When we first started our journey within Yoga the first thing that struck me was the design of yoga mats and yoga gear. I have always been a fan of the simplistic way of designing my home and the things that go in there. Keeping it scaled down and simple makes my mind relax easier and I feel more in harmony. 

But neither of us could find Yoga Mats with the look and feel we were looking for. So we decided to design and manufacture our own set of Yoga Mats and Yoga gear with a Scandinavian touch. 

Scandinavian design

Yuman Yoga is located in Sweden, right next to the magnificent archipelago of the Swedish West Coast. As a result, we were inspired by this landscape, which is unlike any other in the world. A collection of little islands where the ocean’s waves have been pounding the rocks for millions of years. But also the northern mountains, with their sparsely populated wastelands, Norway’s stunning fjords, or the endless pine-covered forests.

All of this has been incorporated into the Yuman Yoga product development process, designing our own beautiful yoga mats. The sensation of oneness with nature. Allowing ourselves to be carried by the magical forces that flow through us and the world that surrounds us. 

All over Europe

Today you can find the Yuman Original Yoga Mat in well known studios all over Europe. In places like Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Prage, Venice, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and of course our hometown Gothenburg. Wherever there is an interest in Yoga combined with a scaled down design Yuman Yoga’s products fit right in.

/Johan Kittel, co-founder


Are you interested in trying our products at your studio? Or even become a re-seller? Please contact us @ or just reply to this email.

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