Prevent anxiety with Yoga

When stress and anxiety arise, you can probably not change, or influence the situation you have ended up in, but you can learn to handle how you respond to the situation. If you are able to create a distance between yourself and your anxiety, your body can relax more easily and your mental anxiety will be alleviated. But if you instead get used to the fact that the stress and anxiety you feel is always around you, it can grow stronger and stronger and your anxiety can get worse over time the more you think about it. Seeing stress and anxiety as a daily routine is a great strain on your everyday life and your well-being. It is, therefore, important how you react to your anxiety and how you respond to it.

“Take a deep breath” is very common that someone suggests when you feel stress or anxiety. Anxiety is one of today’s most common health problems and is something that harms both your mental and physical health. Why it has become such a major health problem can be most speculated about, but the fact is that the best way to alleviate your stress is to take deep breaths, relax and try to answer the anxiety you feel. Breathing exercises against anxiety, so-called Pranayama, can alleviate anxiety in just a few minutes.

Breathe through your anxiety – Pranayama

Turn off your mobile phone, tablet, TV, or radio, anything that may be of distraction for you. Put yourself in a comfortable position. Take your time, do not stress through anything. You are here and now and everything is okay. Take a deep breath, and repeat the sentence “I am here and now, and everything is okay”.

Inhale slowly through your nose, and out through your mouth. Extend your breathing for each breath you take. Notice all the emotions you now feel in your chest, in your stomach, in your body. With each breath you take, your awareness of your body’s vitality energy increases. Focus on the feeling of breathing, and use the feeling to calm your inner stress. When something distracts you and thoughts fly away, lead yourself quietly back to breathing. Easy-going, friendly, without any stress.

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